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Hi i am new here to share an article i.e, tour and travel. So  we all know that people always trying to take vacations  to travel local or some new places, they contact tours and travel to have best vacations. Either students, families, or group of employers.

So, the difference is that between students and employers/owner of the companies is students have long times to enjoy their vacations and employer/owner didn’t have much time but they plan their vacations according to occasional and enjoy.

But in a new/modern era, few people make his carreer in this field only because these people thinks that he just open his own tours and travel agency and start business because this business is also growing  for long period of time. But for startup collection of capital is mandatory and self confidence,patience,mutual understanding is also a part to move on in tours and travel.

As a student and experienced in some companies, i learned that creative ideas seeks to success whatever u do in a right direction with smart work.So in India there are lots of  people established his business they are happy and become a great entrepreneur.

Thank you for your patience to read this article and i hope you like it. So keep travel and explore.


sunset view

This theme is all about sunset scene,yes people when feel angry,not interested to anything then people plan to move sunset areas with friends or alone when sees this scene his mind get relaxed and feel cool.

while in this image you see only image but its not only image this is the imagination of sunset in hilly and dams side  or areas. People went or go there for his relaxation, fresh minds,deep breath to avoid all worries and looking waters how they move forward without any disturbance and shout. So we people likely go these areas to cool ourselves and get natural natural energy for work or anything done with positive energy……

thank you

have a happy days



Fertilizer, one of the best source of income and business as well. What people need is acquiring knowledge of all fertilizer products , how it works in land, water consumption, time period, proper guidance to the public who are interested in such things.

Fertilizer, comes from farmers and villages from centuries ago, here are we eating so much of food only because of these farmers, spend so much time in feeding and took lots of vegetable seeds and fruit seed to grew on time for them as well as public.

If you start making knowledge and habit of feeding and growing flower and vegetable seeds with medicines you can also enjoy yourself or with others, so that it will be counted in productive habits.

So start from today with me and make this environment green. Have evergreen day.

Flora water sprayer

Flora spray used for gardening as well as wash automobiles.

There are five 5 types of shower sprinklers where you can use in plants wash, two Wheeler wash, two Wheeler wash. This products are usable in many things named flora spray. Long lasting spray. Comfortable grip to handle this spray machine.

3 connection based on tab inch.

Size: shower, jet, thin, more thin

Costing based on market.

Guaranteed based on your use.

Other information regarding this spray kindly ask me.

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Fresh morning starters

Sunrise 🌄

One of my fav. Started for the day is sun rise in the morning filled with different excitement and positive energy.

Number of directions depend on state or city gives strength to the people who wants to start their day after seeing sunrise.

Sun is like surya devta, the all time problem solving and greetings for day to day life.

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Ladyfinger Vegetable

Well, we all know gardening is the best time to refresh our mind. But here I am going to share you in gardening how to germinate flowers but also vegetable seeds in your home. In below I am going to discuss how to germinate Lady finger seed. Varieties of lady finger you can germinate.

Well known bhendi and the company are trustworthy.

When: summer season(feb to july)

Germinate in : 5 days

Temperature :20 degree

Flowering : after 45 days

Fertilizer : DAP, Vermi compost, potash

Note: For fertility any doubt or enquiry, kindly ask without hesitation in comment box.

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Bhartiya Kisan Sevak

World Radio Day 2021

Happy World Radio Day, hope you are celebrate this day with fun. Here

Frequency Modulation radio digital

Fm Radio launched in 13 feb 1946 in United Nation and association with radio nations and countries. Fm radio gives you platform to observe several countries and learn state languages.

Radio stations :

Jharkhand frequency radio station, you can listen every local language including english and hindi musical albums as well as all kind of news .

So if you guys want to connect with me kindly reply in comment box. Or required radio club also update me.. I will connect you guys on zoom conference

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Corona virus

Soo now again Covid19 started impacting on public and every day businesses. Here again getting down economy rate, global warming.

Starting of summer season season, lots of new cases of death and positive cases found and because of this government took important action plan:

  1. Again Shop will closed by 8’clock night.
  2. School, colleges, gym and indoor outdoor swimming pool will be closed.
  3. Without face mask no one leave their homes and office places.
  4. Maintain 6 feet distance while talking to anyone outside.
  5. Always use medicated gloves and sanitizer at shopping places. These all guidelines will be starts from today itself in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Few Benefits of investing in your Health

If you have got health on your mind, you are not alone. Each year, billions of people choose to put more time and attention to their healthy routine. It’s time to start investing in your health. Wondering why?

When it comes to health morning exercise work. While some have taught healthy eating at young age, not all are so lucky.

Here are benefits of making habit of improving your diet:

5 types of people who should have a high-protein diet | The Times of India
  1. Feel Good : For stress free, positive visual thought process and mud cup of tea feel good. When you eat nutritious fruits, vegetables and whole grains, your body gets nutrients it needs to function.
  2. Stronger immune system: Foods rich in protein, like banana, soya balls, milk(rich in calcium) and antioxidants like purple cabbage and berries, give your immune system a boost.
  3. Stronger bones: As a child, you were probably told that milk will make your bones stronger. Because its rich in calcium, here is some other foods, like broccoli, cauliflower and more..

Here are benefits of making habit of Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise keeps your body looking young

Do you exercise for at least 1 hour every day? if not start from today.

  1. Improved mood: Regular exercise has been increase your brain’s sensitive. Regular morning walk for half an hour gives you strength and increase brains sensitivity.
  2. Stronger muscles: Muscle strength is is extremely important as we age. It keeps upright, retains our posture and protects from injuries.
  3. Examples of muscle strengthening: (a) lifting weights (b)push ups, squats, sit ups (c) cycling.
  4. Mental Care: Regular meditation helps you to boost your long time concentration, increase your sustainability, increase visualization in present as well as future learning, ability to to take decision power easily with more understanding and in right direction.
  5. Better sleep: By addressing and working through the problems you face, you will find less racing thoughts that keep you up at night.

These benefits of investing in your health how important it is to take care of body to feel better and live more rewarding life.

Show 🌱plant

Show plant refresh mood and also try tell us how to take care of this type of plant

and trees. These plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen inside and outside home. Keep global warming less dirty and safe the city. The technique of show plant for planting are:

1.Take a flower pot.

2. Mix soil and cow mud then get into flower pot.

3. Take show plant and fix it in flower pot with mixed soil.

4. Leave for 1 day for passing air and next day give water to consume in soil and show plant root.

Thank you

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Flower Seeds

In this Covid19 time the best time is now to create your home like new home Decorations with flower pots and flower seeds. None of us think that small flower pots will decor our balcony rooms with new style, if we see online the way people create their home is new ideas and create history.

My thought is these time create and set an example waste into recycle for example soft drinks glasses can be re-use as a gardening area, use in decoration in living rooms, use as a flower glass and pots.

New shape and size according to flower and and about seeds also we can we can feed to discover new style. With the help of farmers ideas and knowledge we decorate and start farming in our owned empty land where we can see and develop our ideas, to share others also so that we can use fertilizer products without any harm and comfortable.

“Creating new generation in the fertilizer area is also helpful for farmers(small or big) so that they will put more smarter effort to stay connected with our land and know which sand is help for which land and flower pots to grow seeds(vegetable, fruits and flowers).”